03 Dec

Tags Reaper November Changelog

Demo form

  • Visual Tag Picker tool support the “Multi Item” or “Product” selection mode.
  • Visual Tag Picker tool support the CSS, JavaScript and Highlight On/Off switching.
  • demo form support the “Multi Item” or “Product” scraping mode switching.
  • Visual form of results view in new tab, and the visual tab as main results view in simple mode including items enumeration, images visualization, errors codes and summary, auto switch depending on format.
  • The API request and response view tabs.

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03 Nov

Tags Reaper October Changelog

Demo Form

  • Added Templates library of 150 US news media web sites for the Template scraping;
  • Import and export templates;
  • Redesign of the Demo form, simple and advanced modes, captcha “one click go”.

Administration Control Panel

  • Management of the Templates library for the Template scraping for site configuration;
  • Import and export templates;
  • Import and export sites;
  • Full life cycle of the site as data source management including the CRUD for site and configuration of crawling and scraping settings automated with easy simple form of user interface. Full life cycle of the user’s accounts management including permissions and roles assignment.
  • 6) Multi-host demo installation with set US sites crawling and scraping on the basis of News scraping algorithms. Tested productivity is 6-12K articles per day, the estimated about 50K.

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