Ultimate Value Extraction

Tags Reaper extracts valuable information out of the web content and present it in readable, user-friendly and easily transferable formats for data analysts and decision makers.

Crawling functionality performs a variety of operations: periodical data collection of a list of URLs or sources, based on schedule or specific rules, in different languages and formats.

It can be configured to get mixed sets of source sites in one channel, to get aggregated grouped results, filtering duplicates, and collect periodic archives.

Use Cases

Tags Reaper service implements platform-level engineering which could be used for a wide range of purposes:

  • Web page content analysis for ad targeting
  • Media monitoring, collection of public company, brand, people information
  • Statistics collection: announcements, documents, etc.

Open Architecture

Tags Reaper developed as open architecture solution. System can work with virtually any сontents or documents from external application. Any kind of extended data source modules can easily be installed and integrated.

Professional Customization

Depending on goals or client-specific requirements, we can develop, deploy, and maintain custom data mining platform tailored to your needs. Cost effective, scalable and hassle free. To get information about a contract and pricing, to discuss the end-user architecture, please contact info@ioix.com.ua .

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