Service Plans


Free Demo form and Trial Account (with limited features) to run crawlers and data processing in our cloud environment.


With Control Panel and REST API, Sites Management, E-mail alerts and Monitoring system.


Dedicated Crawler installation and advanced developers’ API with free installation and support

Control Panel provides user interface to add and manage crawling tasks, powered with REST API to fine-tune crawling of web pages and other media resources and scraping of unstructured valuable data from pages.

Advanced and Professional accounts with complete set of features are available for a flexible fee, which depends on your crawling volumes and a level of customer support.

Service Scope

serviceTR helps to design, build and run custom web crawling and scraping solutions, such as:

  • News media site articles
  • Online retailers, product specs and reviews
  • Business & people profiles, track and analyze social presence
  • Hotels, flights, local events, news, online advertisements, job ads
  • Health providers, financial data, bank statements, legal documents
  • Price catalogues, directories, lists, classified ads sites
  • Contact information data (emails, URLs, names, addresses)
  • Binary media files (images, video, audio) collections

Additional Processing

processingSystem process the scraped data using flexible approaches, from implementing a few heuristics to complex algorithms, which now include:

  • Data aggregation and reporting
  • Duplicate detection to find similar items (products, profiles, news, articles, etc.)
  • Duplicate filtration
  • Aggregation and collections archive creation.

Some more complex data processing algorithms, including the NLP-based analysis, will be added soon:

  • Automatic classification and categorization for products, goods, themes, and so on.
  • Sentiment analysis of news articles and reviews.

The service makes it possible to build thin clients and to get data as a prepared, archived collection on demand or on a schedule.

Not enough?

We can create custom post-processors and other components for your specific tasks integrated with TagsReaper service!

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