Most advanced automated scraping tool

Data extraction never been easier!

Our revolutionary web service provide 3 powerful ways to scrap a data from potentially ANY website:

Automated News Extraction

Using several preconfigured modules AI selects scraping method that returns better results: text, date and picture detection.

RSS Extraction

Unique feature allowing a user to extract content of the pages from a links of provided RSS feed in one batch.

Template Extraction

Websites with most complicated structure will not resist our Template Scraping technology. Create custom templates in just a few clicks with our unique Visual Tag Picker!

What is Scraping Tool?

Main features

  • Сollect data one-time or set schedule for non-stop information update
  • Save data in different formats
  • Apply customized filters and post-processing scripts
  • Track progress of your project in real-time

Quick setup, unbeatable quality, and outstanding performance makes Tags Reaper indispensable tool for business intelligence.

Plugins and Extensions

TR represents open architecture allows to extend its functionality with 3rd-party open source extensions and plugins:

  • Scraping modules
  • DB interfaces
  • Different programming languages APIs
  • Post-processing and data analysis tools

Such architecture allows to combine simplicity of use with power of expandability based on robust low level clustering transport infrastructure.

Templates creation in a breeze

Template creation process is tricky: it requires selecting a parts of webpage pointing scraping tool which one stands for Headline, Body, Picture or Price. Tags Reaper made it simple!

With build-in Visual Tag Picker you can add new Template in just a few clicks, selecting elements of content you want to extract. Click on it, Name it – and you’re done!

For Any Project Size

Using truly distributed and hierarchical cluster structure TagsReaper can run hundreds of agents retrieving hundreds of thousands pages daily.

And even more. To fit any project size and requirements it can be scaled transparently for a user.

Smart crawling and load balancing prevents danger of getting banned, harming target website and redundant overcrawling.

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